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Records of Emmy Awards

Outstanding Achievement In Makeup

Bob Norin Bob Ostermann King Year 1974, 26th Ben Nye Paul Stanhope A Love Affair: The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story Ray Sebastian Nominated Nominated Larry Abbott Moviola Leo Lotito World War III
Who Will Love My Children?
Year 1973, 25th Richard Cobos Dan Striepeke Year 1983, 35th Ken Chase Joe DiBella Little House on the Prairie Winner Hank Edds The Red Pony Bell System Family Theatre Albert Paul Jeyte Jack Freeman Leo Lotito Mae West Masada Leo L. Lotito Nominated Judgment-The Trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg A Del Armstrong Christina Smith Kung Fu
Lynn Reynolds Hamlet Hallmark Hall of Fame Oliver Twist Fame Nora de la Torre Marv Westmore Year 1972, 24th Ben Lane Fred Blau Winner Nominated Elvis
Thorn Birds, The
Nominated Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, The
Ralph Gulko John Inzerella Jack Young Stan Winston Stan Smith Winner V Roots: The Next Generation Rick Baker Robert Dawn Winner Father Damien: The Leper Priest Year 1970, 22nd Tommy Cole V Richard Cobos The Waltons Winner Tom Miller Harry Blake

Perc Westmore Zoltan Elek James Lee McCoy Fatal Vision
Victims for Victims: The Theresa Saldana Story Ellis Burman Gideon Hallmark Hall of Fame Winner Salem's Lot
Rolf J. Miller Mission: Impossible Nominated MICHAEL G. WESTMORE Backstairs at the White House Why Me? Burning Bed, The
Nominated Fantasy Island Marie Roche John Chambers Neville Smallwood Michael G. Westmore Leo L. Lotito Alan Fama Winner Bewitched The Three Wishes of Billy Grier Year 1979, 31st Mark Bussan Winner Robert A. Sidell Gargoyles The New CBS Tuesday Night Movies Marvin G. Westmore MICHAEL G. WESTMORE Portrait: A Man Whose Name Was John Werner Keppler Nominated Jim Kail John Chambers Rod Serling's Night Gallery Winner George Washington Jack Barron Robert N. Norin Year 1975, 27th Alan Friedman Winner Twigs Brenda Yewdell Kung Fu Movie of the Week Peter and Paul
Leo L. Lotito Louis A. Phillippi Nominated Frank C. Westmore Del Acevedo John Chambers Year 1971, 23rd Benjamin Franklin Mark Bussan Frank Westmore Beyond Westworld Allan "Whitey" Snyder Jack Freeman Nominated Michael A. Hancock Winner Nominated Robert A. Sidell Marilyn: The Untold Story Year 1982, 34th Anita Harris Walter Schenck The Third Bill Cosby Special Masquerade Party Marie Roche Disraeli: Portrait of a Romantic Masterpiece Thea Del Acevedo Leonard Engelman The Letter Nick Pagliaro Jack Wilson Hank Edds Mary Southgate Shirley Muslin Werner Keppler Tommy Cole Nick Marcellino Allan Snyder Nominated William Tuttle Haywire Lady of the House Diary of Anne Frank, The
Winner Nominated Frankenstein ABC Wide World of Entertainment Winner Richard Blair Werner Keppler The Don Adams Special: Hooray for Hollywood The Phantom of Hollywood The New CBS Tuesday Night Sheila Mann David Dittmar Richard Blair Alan Fama Leo Lotito The Amazing Howard Hughes
Nick Marcellino Year 1980, 32nd Year 1978, 30th Monty Westmore This is Tom Jones Harry Blake Stan Winston Marvin Westmore Steve Abrums Frank C. Westmore Allan "Whitey" Snyder Year 1984, 36th Jamie Brown James Kail Michael G. Westmore Pauline Heys Marvin Westmore Zoltan-Elek Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Rod Wilson Year 1985, 37th Alan Fama Scott H. Eddo Lona Mardock Jeffers Alan Fama Nominated Stan Winston Ron Walters The Mystic Warrior Albert Paul Jeyte Sandy Cooper Year 1981, 33rd The Day After An ABC Theatre Presentation V: The Final Battle Michael G. Westmore Del Acevedo Jay Cannistraci Zoltan Elek Lorraine Dawkins Jayne Mansfield Story, The
Michael G. Westmore How The West Was Won Harry Blake

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